Erasmus+: Seebacher welcomes its international friends

In March we had the pleasure of hosting some of our partner schools from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy. The students aged 11 till 14 stayed with their exchange partners in their families around Graz.  

Some impressions of our students: 

I am quite happy that I was allowed to participate in the Erasmus project. I was able to make new friends and get to know their culture. I also improved my English skills. If I had the opportunity to participate in a student exchange again, I would definitely do it. 

The Erasmus-week was one oft the best weeks I’ve ever had. It was just interesting end exciting, but also very funny. I learnt some neu things and I also had a great and funny time with my Italian friend. I would do it again anytime and would be happy if I had the opportunity to be part of such a great project again. 

The Erasmus project was really great. I liked that I could show my guest brother our beautiful city. I had a wonderful time with him. I could also improve my English skills. I hope I am allowed to join another Erasmus project in the future.